Unwrap a $200,000 Big Holiday Giveaway!

There's a special cheer in the air – 'tis the season after all – and we hope to add to the jollity, because your favourite online casino has teamed up with NetEnt to bring you an early stocking filler in the shape of a Big Holiday Giveaway!

Santa's done with list-making, and almost finished double checking. Donner, Blitzen and the boys are doing warm-up laps around the North Pole, and we're getting ready to give away $200,000 worth of cash prizes in three Big Holiday Giveaway raffles!

With one raffle a week in the lead up to Christmas, there's plenty of time to take a shot at a big cash payout. We've got hundreds of prizes to play for, ranging from $10 all the way up to $2,000 in week 1, $3,500 in week 2, and $5,000 in week three!

Week one starts Friday 30th November at 23:01 GMT, until Sunday 9th at 22:59 GMT with $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Week two starts Sunday 9th December at 23:01 GMT, until Sunday 16th at 22:59 GMT and has a $70,000 prize pool.

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