Go wild for cash wins in the Mission Expedition!

Grab your pith helmets and dust off your binoculars: there’s an adventure afoot! In the deepest depths of the casino wilderness live some of our most elusive spins and their treasure trove of cash wins. Catch a glimpse of these mysterious beasts by playing our weekly featured games and you could return from this Mission Expedition with a cash trophy of your very own.

Before you jump into your jeep and speed off to your spins, we want to know: Kenya win our top prize? We’ve got $15,000 in cash prizes to split between our 3 top winners who can complete all 4 of our weekly missions this month.

Safari, so good… but there’s more! We’ll also guarantee another 5 winners every week from each of our top markets. That’s another chance to poach a $50 cash prize just for participating! Keep an eye on our leaderboards for a list of weekly winners as well as our final prize raffle.

You’ll need to complete all four of our weekly Missions to embark on the final raffle adventure, but don’t worry! You don’t exactly need to be Indiana Jones to pull it off (though the cool hat can’t hurt) all you’ve got to do is check out our Mission Expedition requirements below:

Your Mission Expeditions

Mission 1

2nd April until 8th April

We’re off on our first weekly adventure! There’s no monkeying around this time, just make sure to make a minimum deposit of $10 and wager it on Hot Safari.

You’ve got from 02/04/2018 10:00 BST until 08/04/2018 23:00 BST to complete your Mission!

Mission 2

8th April until 15th April

For our second Mission adventure, just remember that cheetahs never prosper! You’ll need to deposit a minimum of $10 and wager it on Pink Elephants.

You’ve got from 08/04/2018 23:00 BST until 15/04/2018 23:00 BST to complete your Mission!

Mission 3

15th April until 22nd April

We’re more than half way there, so don’t be a hippo-crite! Keep playing with our third Mission adventure by depositing at least $10 and wager it on Jungle Spirit.

You’ve got from 15/04/2018 23:00 BST until 22/04/2018 23:00 BST to complete your Mission!

Mission 4

22nd April until 29th April

If we said we had a long way to go, we’d be lion. Don’t miss the final week of our Mission Expedition: make sure to make a deposit of $10 or more and wager it on Razortooth.

You’ve got from 22/04/2018 23:00 BST until 29/04/2018 23:00 BST to complete your Mission!

Terms and Conditions
  1. Players must complete a weekly Mission objective in order to enter a weekly cash raffle.
  2. Players who successfully complete the objectives for all 4 weekly Missions will automatically qualify to enter the Grand Prize raffle.
  3. Promotion periods:
    Mission 1: 02/04/2018 10:00 BST - 08/04/2018 23:00 BST.
    Mission 2: 08/04/2018 23:00 BST - 15/04/2018 23:00 BST.
    Mission 3: 15/04/2018 23:00 BST - 22/04/2018 23:00 BST.
    Mission 4: 22/04/2018 23:00 BST - 29/04/2018 23:00 BST.
  4. Participating games and objectives per week:
    Mission 1:
    Make 1 deposit of $10 or more
    Wager $10 cash on Hot Safari
    Mission 2:
    Make 1 deposit of $10 or more
    Wager $10 cash on Pink Elephants
    Mission 3:
    Make 1 deposit of $10 or more
    Wager $10 cash on Jungle Spirit
    Mission 4:
    Make 1 deposit of $10 or more
    Wager $10 cash on Razortooth
  5. Weekly prize raffle pool: $50 cash each for 5 winners.
  6. Grand prize raffle pool: $5,000 cash each for 3 winners.
  7. Raffle winners will be selected at random within the 24 hours following the end of each weekly promotion period. Grand prize raffle winners will be selected on 30/04/2018.
  8. Winners will be contacted and assigned their prizes within 72 hours following the end of each promotion period.
  9. Only wagers made with cash count towards this promotion.
  10. Five weekly winners will be selected from each of the following regions: (a) Japan, (b) Norway, (c) Finland, (d) Germany and Austria, (e) Brazil, Peru and Chile, (f) Denmark, (g) United Kingdom, (h) Switzerland, New Zealand and Republic of Ireland.
  11. Cash prizes will be awarded directly to the winning accounts.
  12. This promotion is only open to players residing within the following markets: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Peru, Chile, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Republic of Ireland.
  13. Players may withdraw their cash deposits and associated cash winnings before completing the wagering requirements associated with the bonus. Any player who chooses to do so will forfeit the bonus amount.
  14. All deposits must be wagered at least once. If they are not wagered at least once, General Terms and Conditions point 3.19 will come into effect.
  15. Vera&John reserves the right to remove bonuses and associated winnings in cases where fraudulent activity or abuse is suspected. This shall include, but is not be limited to: using more than one account, bonus stacking, two tier betting, multiple account/proxy account strategy, using a VPN or masking IP address, Affiliate CPA or revenue share abuse.
  16. Vera&John reserves the right to change or alter this promotion at any time.
  17. General terms and conditions apply.

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